Markbud Service Sp. z o.o.

MARKBUD SERVICE Sp. z o.o. offers turnkey delivery and installations of complete fire protection systems. The range of the offered services includes sprinkler installations, water pumping stations, gas protection installations and control and monitoring systems. Markbud Service Sp. z o.o. also offers welding, repair and installation works for virtually all industries.

Organisational and technical capacity of the company allows to render the services in form of the complete implementation of the projects on turnkey basis as well in any range selected by our customers. The offered design and installations are in conformity with NFPA or VdS fire protection standards. The fittings, accessories and equipment used in case of such requirement are approved by CNBOP [Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection] or CE.

MARKBUD SERVICE Sp. z o.o. is closely associated with one of the recognized company from the fire protection business located in Silesia region. This company has the production capability workshop close to Huta Katowice) and well-managed and organized workforce (190-210 employees). In order to improve the organisation and to face the dynamically developing construction market, the management of the aforementioned entities decided to cooperate in the implementation of their business goals. In formal terms, the decision resulted in a long-term cooperation agreement. The cooperation of the two partners takes place in the form of a business group. The mission of the group is to comprehensively developed services related to turnkey delivery and installation of fire protection systems for the customers from the sector of widely defined services (shopping centres, hotels, residential, public use buildings) and industry (production plants, warehouses and office buildings). The distribution of competence between the two entities enables them both to make better use of their strengths, including such functioning areas as marketing, project and HR management.





  • Project design
  • Fire protection water storage tank
  • Pumping station equipment and fittings
  • Main collectors
  • Complete network of sprinklers
  • Internal hydrant network
  • Pumping station monitoring and control
  • System stress testing
  • As-built documentation
  • Staff training
  • Warranty and post-warranty servicing

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