Contracting capacity

The contracting capacity of Markbud (group) is its strongest advantage. The main source of the company capacity is well trained and experienced personnel consisting of designers, engineers, technicians and fitters. Depending on demand the number of specialists can be enlarged by the ones which for years have been cooperating with the company on the basis of short or medium term agreements. We have to our disposal prefabrication plant completely equipped that provides processed elements to the construction sites. Two design offices specializing in fire protection technology systems being our closest partners support us in projects implementation.


The process of the order proceeding is well organized. It involves the project design ( if investor does not have one), completing supplies ( including pumping units and water tanks), processing prefabricated elements , assembly on site of the sprinkler installation including final arrangement of pumping stations and start up of the pump units. So far, the flexibility of our proceeding have proved to be very effective and advantageous to our customers . The applied organization enables us to proceed quickly and what is the most important on time.

Quality and timely

Quality and timely performance remain in strict relation to our process technology and work on site. Sprinkler accessories and components used are of the best and recognized quality , have appropriate certificates of conformity and attestation according to the technical requirements and international standards. The list of the suppliers consists of leading manufacturers of fire protection systems from all over the world. Our employees have the necessary work practice and experience backed up with relevant certificates of the professional ability (UDT and TUV).

Our featured projects

Why should You choose our company?

  • Project implementation on turnkey basis
  • Personal approach to each order and customer requirements
  • Very wide scope of competence
  • Reference list – implementation of many significant projects
  • Knowledge of construction and building market in Poland
  • Professional environment